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Address to the Metaphysical Society

  • Edmund Burke Lecture Theatre Trinity College Dublin Dublin Ireland (map)
An Address to the Metaphysical Society, March 27 2017, Photography by Paula Alvarez

An Address to the Metaphysical Society, March 27 2017, Photography by Paula Alvarez

An Address to the Metaphysical Society will take place on Monday 27 March at 7:30pm in the Edmund Burke Lecture Theatre, Trinity Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin.

The event will involve the following components: a list of things that are dead or dying, a questionnaire, a heartbeat, an audience, speakers (human and non-human), writing instruments, writing, instruments, seating, doors, a voice, thoughts, answers, blanks.

The event will last approximately one hour, and will feature contributions from Sean Carpio and Barry Edward Fitzgerald. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Metaphysical Society, founded in 1929 by A. A. Luce, is the Philosophy Society of Trinity College as well as a home for inter-disciplinary debate and discussion in Trinity College Dublin. The Metafizz has hosted guest speakers from a range of academic disciplines and other walks of public life. Some guests who have addressed the society in the past include: philosophers (Gilbert Ryle, David Papineau, Volker Halbach, Robin le Poidevin, Timothy Williamson, David Chalmers, Ray Monk, Helen Beebee, J. L. Austin, John Mackie, Antony Flew, Graham Priest, Daniel Dennett, A. C. Grayling, and Richard Swinburne), scientists (Erwin Schrodinger, Rupert Sheldrake, Susan Greenfield, Susan Blackmoor, and Lawrence Krauss), political scientists (Norman Finkelstein and Eoin O'Malley), artists (Anne Enright, Cynthia Macdonald, Graham Linehan, and Lenny Abrahamson), politicians (Minister Ruairi Quinn and Senator Ivana Bacik), and journalists (Patsy McGarry and Peter Hitchens), as well as theologians, geneticists, economists, lawyers, and activists of many stripes. We are thrilled, as founding Ultimologists, to have been invited to join this esteemed list.

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