Department of Ultimology

Research Purge


Research Purge

17 October 2017
The Seminar Room
CONNECT Centre for Future Networks and Communications

It can be hard to let go of ideas. Research reputations tend to be built on becoming well known in a specific area and doing more of the same thing. Letting an idea, approach or concept die off, and doing so with awareness can be daunting but may provide a path towards thinking of something really different and unusual.

At Research Purge, the Department of Ultimology offered an opportunity to consciously discard old ideas that might have reached the end of their lifespan. In an atmosphere of collective support, invited speakers presented ideas that they were ready to expel. 

With contributions from Elma Avdic & Harun Siljak, Neal McBride, Luiz Da Silva, and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch.