Department of Ultimology

Address to the Metaphysical Society


Address to the Metaphysical Society

27 March 2017
Edmund Burk Lecture Theatre
Trinity College Dublin 

This event involved the following components: a list of things that are dead or dying, a questionnaire, a heartbeat, an audience, speakers (human and non-human), writing instruments, writing, instruments, seating, doors, a voice, thoughts, answers, blanks. 

Upon an invitation to address Trinity College Dublin Metaphysical Society, the Department of Ultimology hosted an event where the audience was invited to fill out a self-examining questionnaire accompanied by a live score. The live score, performed and conceptualised by composer and musician Sean Carpio, utilised the ambient sounds of the lecture theatre to create a multi layered score for the collective act of filling in the questionnaire. A narrator and system of bells led participants through the questionnaire, which asked its users to describe and reflect on the practices they undertook on a daily basis.

The event lasted approximately one hour, and featured contributions from Sean Carpio and Barry Edward Fitzgerald. 

Concept Organisation : Department of Ultimology, with collaborators Sean Carpio and Barry Edward Fitzgerald and the Metaphysical Society.